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2015 Coaches Clinics

CFPO-PAL Coaches clinics


It is mandatory that every coach attend one clinic in order to coach this year.

1st Returning coaches clinic will be at 10:00am Saturday June 27th, at Peyton Fields

2nd Returning coaches clinic will be at 10:00am Saturday July 25th, at Peyton Fields

New Coaches clinic will be at 10:00am Saturday August 22nd, at Peyton Fields

Each coach must pass the online USA Heads UP Tackling course to get a certificate.

Each coach must pass the background check in order to coach.  

Each returning coach will receive a, picture ID card, Liability Insurance and a BBQ meal.

The first two clinics cost $20 plus $5 for the Heads Up Training. The third clinic will cost $30 plus $5 for the Heads Up Training.

The ID cards will be picked up the day of the first game you must have your USA Heads Up Tackling certificate before you pick up your ID card. You will not be allowed on the field without your ID card.


Registration with USA football Heads Up Tackling

To log on and get your USA football Heads Up tackling membership go to or select this link to go there directly. on the site select the "heads up football" tab at the top of the page, from the drop down menu then select "what is heads up football". Then from that page select "register for youth". You will be taken to a registration page, enter in all your information and at the bottom of that page select "club commissioner" as your commissioner type. Underneath that is a box to search organizations, type in cfpo and select CFPO - PSC (San Marcos) as your organization. You do not need to select to include your league in the youth football directory, we are already there. When you submit the information you are registered as a PSC (personal safety coach) with the CFPO. Use your log in information to get onto the website and get information and use the heads up tools available there.

Pictures now Available Online

Opportunity for additional pictures are now available on the Firehouse Photos website:

CFPO-PAL Facebook Page

Go check out our Facebook Page. We will be updating Facebook with information throughout the season.

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